Tutorial Goals:

FTDI provides a multitude of formats for usb programming. Learn how to use our FTDI to program 3.3V and 5V Arduino Boards and you will have the tools you need to program most any Arduino board.

Prerequisite Tutorials:

FTDI: A Mostly Universal Programmer:

Like our Alarm Clock Kit that uses the RTC LCD UNO, most popular Arduino boards will have this same lineup of 6pins.We use and recommend the 90 degree male headers you see in the image below.

It is because of this common design that we have built an easy to use female connector on the bottom of our FTDI board.

Provided you have downloaded the FTDI drivers using the tutorial linked at the top of this page, you may now select the type of board you are programming in Arduino. In this case we would use the Genuino/UNO definition to program our alarm clock. Once you have the FTDI plugged into the computer by itself, you should be able to see and select it in your port menu.

If you cannot tell which port is your FTDI, simply close the menu and unplug the device, when you open the menu again it will be missing from the options. In order to see it in the options when you plug in the board, you will need to close and reopen the menu.

Congratulations, you can now program Arduino boards with your FTDI!

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