DB Boards' creatives are still just makers at heart. We build and post showcase projects in hopes of inspiring other makers as the open source community has always done for us.

Product Showcase #014: Vacation Cat Feeder

In order to save my cat from her hatred for travel and her inability to portion food over time, we built an automatic feeder. Using our new FTDI we reprogrammed the DB Alarm Clock Kit so the user can set six different feeding times. On the correct day and time our new micro servos release the next portion of food into the bowl.

Product Showcase #013: Christmas Blynk

These Christmas gifts just need programmed wifi credentials to connect to each other anywhere in the world. Pressing the button lets the other person know you are thinking about them by lighting up their 3D printed indicator.

Product Showcase #012: Contract Showcase

In this showcase we highlight a couple of our contract builds. A business gets an upgrade to an old sign that they can control with their phones, and a retro gamer gets his own custom HDMI NBA Jam Arcade Emulator.

Product Showcase #011: Exploring the Alarm Clock Kit

This soldering kit makes an excellent gift for the beginner. After assembling the unit, all you need is power to begin using your new alarm clock. During the build, you will also mount a programming header which can be used to reprogram your clock for a custom project.

Product Showcase #010: Brain Games

Brain Games is a one player game similar to a classic board game, Master Mind. We buried photocells in epoxy and used them as touch screen buttons.

Product Showcase #009: Exploring the DB LCD RTC UNO

Learn all about the DB Boards Arduino UNO footprint with an onboard Real Time Clock, a Liquid Crystal Display breakout, and several other available pins and features.

Product Showcase #008: Set The Mood

In this showcase we demonstrate how to use the Analog Board to adjust the color and brightness of an LED strip. It also has a fireplace mode and a nightlight setting that turns on when the lights go out.

Product Showcase #007: Tilt Invaders - Smart Controller

Tilt Invaders is fun to play, but more importantly demonstrates the capability of a smart controller using DB Boards. Tilt your ship back and forth to target and destroy approaching enemies before it's too late!

Product Showcase #006: Knock On Knock Off Decor

Knock Knock Decor is a fun houshold lighting project that can be applied to tables, chairs, and artwork of any kind. When the user knocks twice on the item, the LED Lighting turns on and can even have multiple modes like our "Party Mode."

Product Showcase #005: Smart Brake Lights

The Smart Brake Light senses when the rider is stopping the bike and alerts traffic behind them. An increased brightness on the saftey light afixed to the back of the bike and waterproofed with a 3D printed case and epoxy signals that the rider is braking.

Product Showcase #004: Exposure Wand

Paint images, brushes, and text into the air with long exposure photography or the fun app, Lumincancer.

Product Showcase #003: Posture Jacket

This jacket reminds you to sit or stand upright when you begin to slouch.

Product Showcase #002: ADXL345 and Processing

Use Processing to create a live graph of the x, y, and z axis data from the ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer.

Product Showcase #001: Exploring the Drawing Board

This showcase is designed to simply outline many of the features of the Drawing Board.