Product Showcase #014: Vacation Cat Feeder

In order to save my cat from her hatred for travel and her inability to portion food over time, we built an automatic feeder. Using our new FTDI we reprogrammed the DB Alarm Clock Kit so the user can set six different feeding times. On the correct day and time our new micro servos release the next portion of food into the bowl.

Tutorial #016: How To Use Our DB FTDI Programmer

FTDI provides a multitude of formats for usb programming. Learn how to use our FTDI to program 3.3V and 5V Arduino Boards and you will have the tools you need to program most any Arduino board.

New Products 01/26/19: DB FTDI & Micro Servos

Our FTDI has an onboard switch that allows you to program 3.3V and 5V logic level boards. The Micro Servos are very tiny 180 degree servos.

Product Showcase #013: Christmas Blynk

These Christmas gifts just need programmed wifi credentials to connect to each other anywhere in the world. Pressing the button lets the other person know you are thinking about them by lighting up their 3D printed indicator.

Tutorial #015: How To Use MOSFETs

MOSFETs are a reliable and easy way to control the power for DC loads.They also work great for pulse width modulation applications like changing the color of an RGB LED. In this guide we show you how to use best practice for N-Channels.

New Products 12/26/18: DB Bluetooth Speakers

The DB Boards Wireless Speaker by Origaudio is an incredible little design. It is compact, but boasts a great sound with large bass. It has onboard music control buttons as well as multi-speaker connectivity and estimated 10 hour battery life!

Product Showcase #012: Contract Showcase

In this showcase we highlight a couple of our contract builds. A business gets an upgrade to an old sign that they can control with their phones, and a retro gamer gets his own custom HDMI NBA Jam Arcade Emulator.

Tutorial #014: Powering 12V LED Strips

These are instructions for powering 12V LED Strips. As with any electronics, it is important to follow these instructions. These LEDs in particular can feel counter intuitive.

New Products 12/10/18: DB Trucker Hat & 12V LED Strips (1m)

The DB Boards Trucker hat is our new favorite promo item, but do not forget the 12V LED Strips this week. These one meter long RGB Stips hold 60 non-addressable LEDs.

Product Showcase #011: Exploring the Alarm Clock Kit

This soldering kit makes an excellent gift for the beginner. After assembling the unit, all you need is power to begin using your new alarm clock. During the build, you will also mount a programming header which can be used to reprogram your clock for a custom project.

Tutorial #013: Alarm Clock Kit Assembly Guide

These are the detailed instructions for assembling your Alarm Clock Kit. Be careful to do these steps in order or they will not fit together correctly.

New Products 03/16/18: Alarm Clock Kit and Hobby Knife

The Alarm Clock Kit is a soldering kit that is preprogrammed as an alarm clock. We are also releasing a hobby knife to help cut out the case for your clock.

Product Showcase #010: Brain Games

Brain Games is a one player game similar to a classic board game, Master Mind. We buried photocells in epoxy and used them as touch screen buttons.

Tutorial #012: Global Variables in Arduino

Global variables are a powerful programming tool in Arduino. They can be especially helpful in building dynamic adjustable programs.

New Products 03/06/18: Mini-Photocell

The Mini-Photocell, or photo-resistor, is a simple brightness sensor. Adding a voltage dividing resistor makes it possible to gather localized brightness data.

Product Showcase #009: Exploring the DB LCD RTC UNO

Learn all about the DB Boards Arduino UNO footprint with an onboard Real Time Clock, a Liquid Crystal Display breakout, and several other available pins and features.

Tutorial #011: Using the Liquid Crystal Display

Our new 16x2 LCD plugs directly into the DB LCD RTC UNO. For this tutorial, we will focus on using the LiquidCrystal Arduino library.

New Products 02/28/18: DB LCD RTC UNO

This Arduino UNO footprint has an onboard Real Time Clock and easily mounts to our new 16x2 Character Liquid Crystal Display. This design also includes our classic digital and analog breakouts.

Product Showcase #008: Set the Mood

In this showcase we demonstrate how to use the Analog Board to adjust the color and brightness of an LED strip. It also has a fireplace mode and a nightlight setting that turns on when the lights go out.

Tutorial #010: Using the Analog Board

The Analog Board includes a potentiometer slider and turn knob as well as a photocell. These are excellent tools for controlling a final project or adjusting a testing environment outside the code.This guide shows you how to assemble and use the board with arduino tools.

New Products 02/20/18: Analog Board Kit

The Analog Board is from our educational kit, but it also makes it easy to control your testing environment as well as your final project.

Product Showcase #007: Tilt Invaders - Smart Controller

Tilt Invaders is fun to play, but more importantly demonstrates the capability of a smart controller using DB Boards. Tilt your ship back and forth to target and destroy approaching enemies before it's too late!

Tutorial #009: Button Board Solder Kit Assembly Guide

The Button Board Kit is a handy three button mountable board that makes it easy to add directional buttons and a select button to your project. They are also great in a testing environment. Here we show how to assemble them.

New Products 02/13/18: Button Board Solder Kit

Great for testing and projects needing two directional buttons and a select button, our new button board kit is a great addition to your maker setup.

Product Showcase #006: Knock On Knock Off Decor

Knock Knock Decor is a fun houshold lighting project that can be applied to tables, chairs, and artwork of any kind. When the user knocks twice on the item, the LED Lighting turns on and can even have multiple modes like our "Party Mode."

Tutorial #008: Powering LED Strips

One of the most important aspects of setting up a large LED array is calculating your power source. We will show you how to calculate your potential load and safely power your LED strip.

New Products 02/06/18: Simple Strip Connectors

Product Showcase #005: Smart Brake Lights

The Smart Brake Light senses when the rider is stopping the bike and alerts traffic behind them. An increased brightness on the saftey light afixed to the back of the bike and waterproofed with a 3D printed case and epoxy signals that the rider is braking.

Tutorial #007: LED Strip Board Guide

In this tutorial you will see how easy it is to use our LED Strip Connector Boards to use raw LED strips, including high amperage lengths.

New Products 01/30/18: High Amp LED Strip Connector Kit

Introducing the High Amperage Led Strip Kit for easily connecting to raw LED strips. We have also released a new DB Beer Key and 9V battery setup.

Product Showcase #004: Exposure Wand

Paint images, brushes, and text into the air with long exposure photography or the fun app, Lumincancer.

Tutorial #006: WS2812s and Neoplixel

The idea of this tutorial is to explain and demonstrate the most common tools and attributes of the Adafruit Neopixel Library. The examples are cool, but they can be difficult to break down for the begginner.

New Products 01/23/18: RGB LED Strip Segments

Product Showcase #003: Posture Jacket

This jacket reminds you to sit or stand upright when you begin to slouch.

Tutorial #005: Using GitHub

Github hosts open source programs and documentation for download by and for the public. In this tutorial we will show you how to handle the most common downloads: files, programs, and libraries.

New Products 01/16/18: Digital Out and 5V Supply

Product Showcase #002: ADXL345 and Processing

Use Processing to create a live graph of the x, y, and z axis data from the ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer.

Tutorial #004: Installing Processing

The objective of this tutorial is to download the free and open source graphics programming IDE, Processing.

New Products 01/09/18: SPI ADXL345

Product Showcase #001: Exploring the Drawing Board

This showcase is designed to simply outline many of the features of the drawing board.

New Products 12/19/17: Drawing Board Essentials Kit

Tutorial #003: How to Solder

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the basics of through-hole soldering. This is an important skill that can easily be branched into many styles of soldering.

New Products 12/12/17: Starter Solder Kit

Tutorial #002: Installing FTDI Drivers

The objective of this tutorial is to download the FTDI drivers used to interface between your OS and your Arduino Device. The Drawing Board includes this chip onboard. Once installed, the driver will work for any FTDI device.

Tutorial #001: Installing Arduino

The objective of this tutorial is to download the free hardware programming software, Arduino. The Arduino software will allow you to write and upload programs to your Drawing Board or other Arduino boards.