DB Boards is your online provider of affordable electronics, free educational tutorials, and inspirational product showcases. We are currently developing our flagship programming-focused educational kit. It is designed to be more affordable for individuals and smaller or rural schools as the need for good STEAM/STEM education increases at a rapid rate in the U.S.

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Our Product Showcases are designed to inspire new or creative applications of our latest products. We work carefully to provide example codes with strong commenting in the hope you can use them as a reference in programs to come. In truth, we just really love making things and open source shared knowledge is our favorite platform for such passions!

"A Closer Look" is one of our YouTube series that digs deeper into our products and processes at DB Boards.

The tutorials page contains all the tutorials needed to replicate any of our showcases. It also has some helpful tips and tricks for using tools and connecting to our development boards. Still have questions? Ask our support team: support@dbboards.com.

"How We MAKE It" details the way we build products and projects at DB Boards.

Each week we post a 30 second video about our new products. This is a great way to look back at products you missed, or simply learn about a new product you are not familiar with. Each video lives on a page with links to the new products in our store.

Our Contractors can Help!

We can help with your prototype or proof of concept as well as many home or work projects.
We can even help with these tasks:
3D Modeling
3D Printing (small batch)
Custom PCB Design
Custom Electronics Projects

Curious if we can help with your project?

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Our support team is active from 9-5 MST M-F, outside of Holidays. We currently only offer email support, but we are easy to reach. Our team will answer website, checkout, and any product questions you may have. Contact us anytime at support@dbboards.com or in the support form on this site. We will respond within two business days of receiving your request.